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What are the benefits of supporting Local?

When locals support local businesses, most often they are indirectly supporting other local businesses. This indirect network (suppliers to the directly supported business) may include producers, accountants, designers, printers, cleaners, maintenance contractors, lawyers etc.

We believe that local businesses are key to reviving and stimulating economic growth and creating new job opportunities within their communities, states/territories & countries.

Benefits of the ScreenArt platform for local businesses:

  • Local area networking
  • Get in front of the growing trend of digital advertising
  • No software to purchase
  • Free sign-up
  • Easy to use interface
  • Your digital signage can generate income from advertisers via this platform (currently USD 8c/30 sec play)
  • Promote your offerings on your own screen in-house starting with the 4 free filler artwork slots that come standard with all new accounts
  • Does not interfere with your in-store ambience
  • Total control of who you promote
  • No need for suppliers to supply their printed posters with your product orders anymore - thank them for their previous supplied posters and alert them to the fact that all your in-house artwork is now digital - they can easily target their adverts to your screen through the website
  • Modernise the look and feel of your promotional artwork and business by going digital
  • Create brand awareness/let people know about new businesses and products by promoting on-screen with screen partners in locations strategic to you!
  • Creates B2B opportunities for IT professionals, account management facilitation, graphic designers, hardware suppliers & more ...
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