KONKA Digital Signage

KONKA makes available commercial-rated quality digital signage screens designed to run 24 hours. No additional hardware needed. The KSEM55 is the perfect wall-mounted digital signage solution for Pick a Spot Local's DAMM users.

KONKA Wall-Mounted Digital Signage. 55inch LCD. LED Backlit

Konka Digital Signage Pick a Spot Local Ready

KSEM55 | Superior Colour. Stylish. Commercial-rated.

Commercial-rated, the KSEM55 by KONKA is fifty-five inches of superior digital signage magic. Designed & engineered to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The KSEM55 has low power consumption and comes with a 3-year parts replacement warranty, making it the ideal Digital Display Signage solution for Screen Partners on Pick a Spot Local’s DAMM network.


KONKA provides a stable technology solution and have years of experience in providing digital signage solutions for commercial display applications worldwide.


  • An ethernet connection provides better stable internet connectivity, ideal for running your DAMM account
  • Proper heat dissipation allows for 24/7 commercial screen use
  • Stylish classic appearance, aluminium frame, built-in tempered glass
  • High-quality ultra-clear LCD/LED backlit screen, provides a high level of brightness and superior colour rendering
  • 450 nits colour standard for indoor applications, upgradeable to 1500 nits for outdoor display in daylight (will affect overall size specified in the adjacent specification sheet for outdoor applications)
  • Outdoor weather-proof enclosure casing optional - available for outdoor display
  • Wall-mounted bracket & power plug included for simple integration into any display area.

Konka Digital Signage Displays

The KSEM55 is the perfect digital signage solution for Screen Partners of pickaspotlocal.com - click on the following link to view the KSEM55 Product Specification Sheet.

Various other screen sizes and custom configurations are also available from KONKA.

Please direct all product enquiries to:


Tel: +61-3-8538-1775 | Email: info@konka-led.com.au | Address: 350 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Australia

Please Note: It's important that you advise your KONKA consultant about your intended Pick a Spot Local “DAMM” use to ensure that your KONKA digital signage is DAMM customised & ready before delivery!

For more information about KONKA, visit their website:


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