Three points of digital media exposure all around the place
Your Damm Listing | Social Media Exposure | Digital Signage CMS.

1. Your DAMM Listing

This DAMM site is the heart of all things local from tradies, cafes, accountants, sporting clubs, not-for-profits and more! Anyone can join the list on this website - join free and your business will be seen by many! Let visitors know exactly who and where your business is! Also, you can upload Full HD image adverts that can be seen and shared by small businesses, promoters, customers and us at Pick a Spot Local! DAMM is the place to be for digital signage exposure and access to your local area! You get to build your very own local advertising precinct with other small business owners you know and can trust when you pay for exposure to every ad you submit!

2. Social Media Sharing to anothers audience - it pays to share!

By joining now you have the opportunity to not only be part of the next big thing for local small businesses around the globe, and you will also have the chance of seeing where and when other small business owners share your business through their social media accounts to their followers and friends! One of the “best things” you “don’t get” from mainstream advertising is exposure to your fellow business owners customers with their blessing! Even more digital transparent reach with accountability.

3. Digital Signage via a web based Platform

Our Platform was designed and built for the betterment of small business owners when it comes to Digital Signage advertising with transparency and accountability the primary focus! There is no need for massive investment to be a part of DAMM, as any Full HD TV screen that you have laying around with a laptop connected gets you in the game! You may already have a Full HD TV mounted on the wall in your premises that costs you money to run why not have the asset paying for itself? Once joined you have full control of when and if you want to advertise, who you promote with and how much you are willing to spend on your local advertising campaigns! If you are lucky enough to have a Full HD (1920 x 1080) tv screen installed on your walls and make it available to others to advertise with “your DAMM Network” you can potentially make several thousand per annum making it a no-brainer for adding extra revenue to your bottom line!

Benefits of a DAMM Network

  • A social sharing method that is transparent - when it comes to where your business is promoted and by whom!
  • Digital signage exposure every 30 seconds is an opportunity to get more customers, and at 11 cents it is a no-brainer!
  • A vision of "local economic benefits" are so vast with DAMM, as when a local small business pays to promote with another local small business owner the buck stops there! The DAMM display partner gets the lion's share of every dollar spent!
  • Creating work opportunities:
  • When a business owner or screen partner elects to have his or her screen account managed by others, it creates opportunities for people to be DAMM account managers! Creating retail opportunities: we do not sell or install any hardware for screen signage etc.! This is an opportunity for your digital signage companies to benefit from by providing the hardware solution so you can run your PASL screenart signage!
  • Local Sporting Groups and Not-for-profits can boost fundraising with PASL as a mandatory 10% of every earned credit will be held and allocated to verified nominated groups upon cash out! If you do not nominate a charity of sporting organisation, we will decide on who, when, how to allocate the funds - all with an aim to help build better futures!

Responding to revolution

The digital revolution, like every revolution, can be viewed either as a catastrophe or as a world of opportunity – depending on whether your allegiances lie with the old order or the new. Optimism is a prerequisite for survival.



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