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DAMM is creating a world of opportunities. Business-to-business (B2B) services to help business owners in your locality integrate and leverage from our platform may be right up your alley. Whether it's Graphic Design Services, DAMM Account Management, Digital Signage sales or IT support, many companies simply don't have the in-house support, or time, to get these things done, and this is where the opportunity gap may exist!


DAMM B2B opportunities for graphic designers account managers tv sales & hardware supply


1. Many small business owners have very little time to spare and may prefer a hardware specialist to provide a fully installed ready to go solution to get them DAMM ready.

2. This will be a great opportunity for Graphic Designers & Brand Agencies to provide their clients with brand aligned advert design that's memorable and front of mind for play on their screens.

3. Some businesses may prefer having a specialist DAMM account manager. Account managers could undertake the task of fully managing the screen partners account remotely. Account managers can approve/disapprove received art on behalf of the account holder/screen partner and submit adverts to clients for display with external screens partners.

4. Leverage of our Platform and be a total solution for Hardware Retail & Installation, Artwork Supply & Account Management Services in your locality.

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