DAMM ADS - Digital Advertising Marketing Management platform!

Take control and profit from all digital adverts that pass through your business daily.

From supplier brand adverts and other non-competitor paying advertisers adverts - by using DAMM ADS you can profit from all those DAMM ADS that often pass through freely - DAMM those ADS like we do rivers - take control and profit from them - across multiple digital channels such as digital signage, social sharing platforms and more!

DAMM ADS by pickaspotlocal.com is a new pioneering digital advertising marketing management platform! When you signup free as a DAMM ADS user, you gain access to our innovative digital tools that give you digital advertising control and flow delivery capabilities - to promote with other Damm users and, to profit from showcasing other DAMM user adverts to your online and offline audiences/followers/passersby! If it is your business, your walls, your social media pages - shouldn't you receive the lions share of an advertisers dollar if they want to be seen by your online and offline audiences /followers/passersby! With DAMM ADS, you can do just that!

Connect your digital signage or target other DAMM ADS users digital signage screens and online social media followers with your adverts all via your DAMM user account!

Purchase Digital trading credits and pay other DAMM ADS users to display your ADS TO THEIR Audiences/passersby/ followers; or connect your Digital Displays and Social accounts to your DAMM account and Earn cashable DAMM credits for promoting others to your followers/passersby/ audiences!

It's so DAMM brilliant! What you waiting for? Signup is free? Check it out! DAMM those ADS!

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DAMM ADS - Control the flow of all ads that pass through your business and start profiting!

Sign-up free and DAMM all adverts to and from your business. Use the DAMM applications available on signup to promote your brand, business or organisation to other businesses online and offline audiences on the DAMMADS.com platform. Leverage your business via the use of our DAMM ADS digital signage cms application & via our DAMM social media sharing to other DAMM user audiences.

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